Growing your own food at home in these tough economic times is an easy way to ease the budget crunch for your family. Peppers, both the sweet bell pepper types and the spicy chili pepper types, are easy and productive choices that are loaded with vitamins and minerals. All kinds of peppers have strong flavors that enhance the flavor and color of your dishes without more »

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 The Hybrid China rose ‘Mutabilis’ is a very old rose that comes to us from China. It is an “Outstanding” rose, ranking 8.9 out of 10.0 points in the Roses In Review program of the American Rose Society for 2007. The flowers open yellow and turn orange, then pink, and finally red as they age. The bush is very resistant to disease and produces flowers more »

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The Best Hybrid Tea?

The hybrid tea ‘Touch of Class’ is the highest rated hybrid tea, ranked at 8.9 out of a possible 10.0 points in the American Rose Society’s annual “Roses In Review” evaluation for 2008. This high rank puts it in the “Outstanding” category. Certainly it is outstanding in the exhibition quality of its exquisite buds. Flowers are orange pink with 30 to 35 petals and slight more »

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