Murder on Maui by KB Wadsworth

murder-on-maui-dsEmma is forced behind Maui’s coconut curtain when her lover is charged with murder.

Travel writer, Emma King, has come to Maui for a romantic holiday with Jake; to lie under the coconut palms on the island’s sun-soaked beaches; and to do some soul searching following her father’s death. She expects languid, carefree days, but finds herself embroiled with a Hawaiian family in turmoil, stalked by a gang of criminals, and implicated in a murder.

On Emma’s first day in paradise, at a luau in her honor, the clan’s matriarch is poisoned. And Jake delivered the lethal injection. Emma is determined to help Jake uncover the true killer. She abandons her vacation plans and, in spite of grave misgivings, slips behind the curtain to venture further into the jungle, the family turbulence, and her own murky emotions.


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