And Still She Persisted

And Still She Persisted. Oil on canvas, 16 x 20 inches. $1,200.00 for the original painting.

Canvas prints: 16 x 20   $75.00
Greeting Cards: 5 x 7 $5.00
Plus taxes, shipping, and handling

And still she persisted

– Kathryn Wadsworth

Waking from her long sleep
She feels the first stirrings
Quiet as the wing beats of an owl
She lifts her head
A hint of breeze
Stirs the leaves covering her body

She stretches her arms and legs
Disturbing the debris that surrounds her
Leaves and twigs
Home to millions of creatures of the forest
blanket her

They’d toiled for millennia
While she slept
Now she stirs
What awakens her?
She sits
Feeling the earth beneath her
She stands
Planting her feet in fecund ground

She listens
“We is woke”
Breezes carry faint sound
“We is woke”
Whispers the wind