What's Wrong With My Plant

“This is one of the best books I’ve seen for guiding the gardener through the maze of maladies that can visit garden plants. … This book is a valuable tool and long overdue.” Adrian Higgins, Washington Post

“The information is concise: “A borer’s hole and frass (poop) are obvious on this asparagus stem.” (Thank you very much.) The illustrations are clear, the remedies organic. I promise you, things will go wrong. Be prepared.” Dominique Browning, New York Times

“I’ve been waiting years for this very book — it answers the one question every curious gardener is sure to ask. I love their easy-to-follow flow charts!” — Joe Lamp’l (aka Joe Gardener), nationally syndicated Garden columnist, author, television host.

“I’ve barely put this book down since I bought it, and look forward to using it to maintain my plants this year.” Utah Preppers

“This book makes diagnosing a plant problem super easy. I have never seen anything quite like it and it works remarkably well.” Jeneen Wiche, Louisville Sentinel-News

“A definite keeper for my library.” Christine Thomson, Triangle Gardener

“Its 500 color photos and 600 line drawings facilitate fast identification of diseases, pests and other problems. … And, equally important, this comprehensive text explains how to use environmentally friendly remedies to restore plant health.” Ledger

“An essential book for anyone who gardens.” Jane Berger, Garden Design Online

“The smartest, best-thought-out book on diagnosing plant problems (and how to solve them) that I have seen in all my years as a gardener.” Jodi Delong, Halifax Chronicle Herald

“It’s like having a Master Gardener at your beck and call, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, any season of the year.” Colleen Vanderlinden, About.com

“You’ll have experts waiting on your book shelf to help you. Because if you haven’t asked yourself ‘what’s wrong with that plant’ yet, you will one day.” Deborah Roberts, Garden of Possibilities blog

“Almost as good as having your own consulting plant doc at hand.” Valerie Easton, Plant Talk

“A wonderful book for the gardener facing his/her first garden problems. It’s also a handy reference guide for experienced gardeners.” Dee Nash, Oklahoma Gardening Examiner

“Where does this book belong on my bookshelf? Front and center.” Carol Michel, May Dreams Gardens blog

“The idea behind What’s Wrong With My Plant? is so obvious that I almost gave myself a head slap for not thinking of it first. … A phenomenal resource for the serious gardener as well as for hobby gardeners who just want to know why some flowers wilt and die.” Mary Jane Smetanka, Minneapolis Star Tribune

 “Written by plant pathologists, What’s Wrong? thoroughly covers diagnosis and cure in three parts: Simple to follow, illustrated, flowcharts of problems; organic approaches to cures; and photographs to clarify diagnosis.” Molly Day, Muskogee Phoenix

 “Whether your garden consists of herbs on a kitchen windowsill, a vegetable garden, an elaborate backyard border or a container on a patio, this reference book is a resource any gardener can use.” Michigan Gardener

“Bases its tutelage on progressive drawings that will help puzzled gardeners diagnose the troubles. Another plus: Suggested remedies are organic.” Renee Enna, Chicago Tribune

 “It was with great joy and relief that I opened an envelope…with What’s Wrong With My Plant? My excitement heightened when I saw that authors David Deardorff and Kathryn Wadsworth had approached the subject organically.” Kym Pokorny, OregonLive.com

“A valuable resource for all gardeners.” Marin Independent Journal

 “David Deardorff and Kathryn Wadsworth have pruduced one of the best and most easily used keys to diagnosing a wide range of plant problems. …Makes a great gift for any gardener.” Cheryl Cadwell, Warwick (RI) Beacon

“A book that will grow dog-eared and dingy from use, yet remain on gardeners’ shelves for years to come.” Karen Taylor Gist, New Orleans Times-Picayune

 “Has trouble-shooting flow-charts and solutions aplenty.” Penny Carnathan, Tampa Tribune

 “A welcome reference book for any gardener, one to keep front and center on your bookcase so that when problems show up, you’ll be able to avoid your worst plant nightmares and continue to have a garden as your own paradise.” Carol Michel, Southside Times

“An answered prayer for all gardeners.” Ken Druse, Real Dirt blog

“I wish I had [this book] sooner, so I could have prevented the spread of fungus. This is a valuable reference for gardeners of virtually any skill level and experience.” Carol Michel, Mr. McGregor’s Daughter blog