david_dsAbout the Authors

David Deardorff and Kathryn Wadsworth are the authors of four Timber Press books on plant diagnosis and organic solutions, beginning with their award-winning best seller, What’s Wrong With My Plant? (And How Do I Fix It?). Be a plant doctor, no PhD required. Adrian Higgins of the Washington Post calls their work, “one of the best books I’ve seen for guiding the gardener through the maze of maladies that can visit garden plants.… This book is a valuable tool and long overdue.” Dominique Browning of the New York Times says, “The information is concise…. The illustrations are clear, the remedies organic. I promise you, things will go wrong. Be prepared.”

And coming summer, 2017 from Ten Speed Press, the fifth book in the series: What’s Wrong With My Marijuan Plant?

kathryn_new_dsDeardorff and Wadsworth are authors and photographers who travel extensively to hold popular workshops and lectures across the country. Deardorff’s PhD in botany and years of experience as a plant pathologist informs their shared expertise. He has served on the faculty of the University of Hawaii, where he coordinated research in plant pathology and at Washington State University, where he served as faculty advisor to the Master Gardener program.       Wadsworth’s skill as an author and naturalist illuminates the connection between gardens and nature. She has led eco-tours to wilderness areas around the world and served as executive editor of research journals.  They have nurtured plants in their own nurseries and gardens in the US desert southwest, the Pacific Northwest, and Hawaii.

They have appeared on numerous radio shows throughout the United States, including Martha Stewart LivingRadio, Joe Lamp’l’s nationally-syndicated Growing a Greener World, Ken Druse’s Real Dirt in New York, and Ciscoe Morris’s Gardening with Ciscoe in Seattle.

They can be found creating bountiful polyculture gardens in Port Townsend, WA, where David also paints work inspired by the colorful celebration of nature, and Kathryn writes crime fiction. She is currently at work on the Inspector Frodo mysteries set in Portland, Oregon.

Join them at www.KathrynandDavid.com, on social media (@KBWandDD), and on Facebook.