What’s Wrong With My Marijuana Plant?

The first problem-solving book for marijuana growers with an easy-to-use visual diagnostic system

This book contains all-organic solutions!

The visual diagnostic system of What’s Wrong with My Marijuana Plant? was pioneered by Deardorff and Wadsworth for identifying pest, disease, and environmental problems by symptoms you can see with the naked eye. What are those rusty spots on your leaves? What bug is eating your buds? Why are your sativa sprouts covered in fuzz? Find out fast AND learn how to fix it! The all-organic solutions are vitally important to protect your health, the health of your plants, and the environment, especially if you’re growing medicinal plants. Best growing practices help you avoid problems before they start.

Written in easily understandable, non-technical language and heavily illustrated with precise photography to allow rapid and accurate diagnosis, this is an essential resource for beginning and experienced growers alike.

DAVID DEARDORFF is a plant pathologist; his wife, KATHRYN WADSWORTH, is a writer and naturalist. Together, they have authored four gardening books. What’s Wrong With My Plant? received the Silver Achievement award for best technical garden book from the Garden Writers of America and has been translated into French and Korean. They travel extensively to hold popular workshops and lectures across the country and are frequent guests on gardening radio and TV shows including Martha Stewart Living Radio, Joe Lamp’l’s Growing a Greener World, Ken Druse’s Real Dirt, and Ciscoe Morris’s Gardening with Ciscoe.

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Praise for the authors’ previous books:

“This is one of the best books I’ve seen for guiding the gardener through the maze of maladies that can visit garden plants.” –Washington Post

“An invaluable guide.” –Publishers Weekly

“Attractive, comprehensive, authoritative, and easy-to-use.” –Library Journal