Discover 100 ways to support endangered plant and wildlife species in your community and beyond.

David Deardorff and Kathryn Wadsworth present 100 home projects designed to inspire and empower anyone who wants to help save our native flora and fauna in the face of habitat loss and climate change. This book focuses on saving creatures and plants that are especially vulnerable but that can be successfully helped by our efforts, such as bees, frogs, butterflies, birds, trees, and wildflowers. Each project meets four crucial criteria: (1) it will make a significant difference to the survival of the species, (2) has a high likelihood of success, (3) is easy to implement, and (4) is family-friendly.


The first problem-solving book for marijuana growers with an easy-to-use visual diagnostic system

This book contains all-organic solutions!

The visual diagnostic system of What’s Wrong with My Marijuana Plant? was pioneered by Deardorff and Wadsworth for identifying pest, disease, and environmental problems by symptoms you can see with the naked eye. What are those rusty spots on your leaves? What bug is eating your buds? Why are your sativa sprouts covered in fuzz? Find out fast AND learn how to fix it! The all-organic solutions are vitally important to protect your health, the health of your plants, and the environment, especially if you’re growing medicinal plants. Best growing practices help you avoid problems before they start.


houseplant_dsSave Your Indoor Plants With 100% Organic Solutions

This book will turn even the brownest thumbs green!

Keep your houseplants healthy and happy!

Are the fronds on your favorite fern yellow? Have you discovered creepy crawlies on your begonia? Relax—we’ve got you covered. What’s Wrong With My Houseplant? tells you exactly how much light, water, and fertilizer more than 130 indoor plants need to thrive. You’ll also learn how to identify common plant problems and how to choose the most effective, organic solutions.

If you love houseplants, this helpful guide should be on your shelf. Your plants will thank you.


fruitgarden_ds100% Organic Solutions for Berries, Trees, Nuts, Vines, and Tropicals

It’s the question most commonly heard in every garden: what’s wrong with my…? And with the bestselling What’s Wrong With My Plant? and What’s Wrong With My Vegetable Garden?, we’ve answered it for flower borders, perennial gardens, and vegetable beds. What’s next? One of the most challenging parts of the garden—the delicious yet disease-prone fruit garden.

What’s Wrong With My Fruit Garden? offers a path toward a healthy garden packed with fresh fruit. In addition to learning how to diagnose a plant problem through clear visual keys, you will also learn the most effective organic solutions for every problem. Detailed plant portraits include information on growth; seasonality; temperature, light, and soil requirements; and planting techniques. The 37 plants include everything from almonds to watermelons.

This book is a must-have guide for any food gardener looking to grow scrumptious and problem-free fruit!