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Birding Safari

Kathryn and I recently led a birdwatching safari to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in southeastern Oregon. We saw 95 species and some very beautiful birds. This beautiful bird is an American avocet. We found him wading right beside the road. Lazuli buntings were everywhere, snatching bugs out of the air like tiny flycatchers. We found this nutria at the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge in Washington. All in more »

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Birds and their Trees

As many of you may realize by now, while David and I are avid gardeners, our passion is the gateway to nature that the garden provides. As we arrive in New Mexico, so does spring, with all its chaotic and unpredictable weather. Red buds bloom along with plums, lilacs, and cottonwood. And then it snows, and gardeners and farmers worry about their incipient apricots, cherries, more »

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