David Deardorff

David Deardorff

In my blog last week I wrote about visiting the Northwest Flower and Garden Show many years ago with my mom and dad and several siblings. We all spent a lot of time viewing the fabulous orchid displays. Last week Kathryn and I spent a wonderful time at the 2010 show. We presented a seminar on Sunday afternoon, we went to hear other experts speak, and we visited the fabulous displays. I found myself enchanted by the orchids once again at an elaborate display installed by the Northwest Orchid Society and featuring a large number of Paphiopedilum orchids, warts and all.

Paphiopedilums, known as slipper orchids, have fascinating flowers featuring warts, hair, and beautiful colors. The lowermost petal is shaped like a pouch, giving rise to the common name, slipper orchids.

paphiopedilum 45

Some boldly flare open with their petals spread wide.

paphiopedilum 42

Some are attractively curvaceous, rather seductive and feminine (to me anyway).

paphiopedilum 44 And some have an elaborately developed lip. This might actually be a Phragmipedium hybrid, the new world counterparts to the paphs.

Almost any Paphiopedilum is an excellent choice for a companion plant in your home. In general, they prefer the low light conditions and the warm nighttime temperatures found in most of our homes.

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