Potted Lemons

Potted Meyer Lemon

“Our ‘Improved Meyer’ lemon is perfectly happy it its pot and produces fruit for us every year. Because lemon requires very little heat compared to other citrus, especially grapefruit, you will easily obtain edible fruit from container grown lemons. And besides, the plants are handsome, the foliage is lovely, and the fragrance of their flowers is heavenly, all of which makes them desirable houseplants that can summer outdoors.” Excerpted from “What’s Wrong With My Fruit Garden?” by David Deardorff and Kathryn Wadsworth. Timber Press, December, 2013. Click here to order your copy of the book.

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  1. I grew a lemon tree indoors this past year! I live in the south and although the summers are hot and humid, this winter has been off the hook. I was gifted the tree, I love lemons, but usually kill all plants. Somehow I managed to keep it alive and although it didn’t produce much fruit, the lemons I used were juicy, tart, and almost had an orange flavor to them. Since there were only a few I would slice them up and have tea with my Mom and sister. I’m going to try it again this year with other fruits. Thanks for the post, David!

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