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What's Wrong With My Houseplant COVER 550
Breaking News. We are pleased to announce the release of What’s Wrong With My Houseplant? from Timber Press, late January 2016. It’s our fourth book in the “What’s Wrong With….” series. It’s just as beautiful as the first three books, perhaps more so due to the gorgeous photographs. Timber does a magnificent job turning our manuscripts into fabulous books and we could not be more pleased. It is now available for pre-order. All our other books are available in bookstores and online everywhere.

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  1. The passion for placing fruit shrubs and vines, veggies and herbs in every garden I plant or influence started with the purchase of one eye-popping blueberry shrub bedecked with ripe blueberries while I was at the BLUFF HOUSE perched high on a forested, stony bluff overlooking the Gasconade River. I was doing a live-in, year long garden installation project. Being able to both see the blueberries there waiting for me while I enjoyed my alfresco breakfast on the raised deck blessed by an occasional visit from a hummingbird gave me such pleasure that thereafter I encouraged all homeowners I designed gardens for to have some fruit, herbs and nuts growing at a friendly “pick me” distance.

    Sure they’re a little pricey when they come in that way. But think of your monthly cable bill and see if the pleasure of one yummy fruit bearing shrub or vine doesn’t far outweigh the mediocre programming the comes into your living room each day!

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