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Mixing It Up in the Vegetable Garden

A polyculture garden on a small city lot mixes fruit trees and flowers, berry bushes, herbs, and vegetables in carefree abundance. The advantages are many fewer pests and much less disease. We recently were invited guests on Kate Gardner’s show “The Manic Gardener” on internet talk radio. The interview was fun and informative and Kate has posted a podcast of the complete program. Check it out more »

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Permaculture and Edible Schoolyards

San Diego, CA – We visit the San Diego Botanical Garden, in Encinitas, where we find many treasures including a small Permaculture Demonstration Garden. Permaculture, a concept developed originally by Bill Mollison of Australia, is a contraction of “Permanent and Agriculture”. It is a very rich system that stresses the use of perennial rather than annual plants, and employs many techniques that can be put more »

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A Vegetable Garden Checklist

It’s time to get started on the vegetable garden for the coming season so you can grow your own healthy, organic food again this year. Many of us have already started seedlings indoors to transplant out to the garden or the cold frames as soon as weather permits. Kathryn and I have come up with a checklist of ten things to consider before you plant. more »

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